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Get your knives, scissors, blade or other cutting equipment sharpened by the proffesionals.

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You can quickly and easily book a time for us to visit you either at your work or home. Call 0457 770 191. If it is easier you can catch us at your local market.

We sharpen your knives, scissors or tools

We use a tried and tested method to give your knives, scissors or tools the best edge avaliable for cutting. Our system is unique because the results last longer.

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Time to play

Now it’s your turn to put the sharpness to the test. Getting cutting as soon as we are done.

Knife Sharpening Facts

Knives are sharpened by grinding against a hard rough surface, typically stone, or a soft surface with hard particles, such as sandpaper. Sandpaper is a form of paper where an abrasive material has been fixed to its surface. Sandpaper is part of the “coated abrasives” family of abrasive products. It is used to remove small amounts of material from surfaces, either to make them smoother , to remove a layer of material.

For finer sharpening, a leather razor strop, or strop, is often used. The smaller the angle between the blade and stone, the sharper the knife will be, but the less side force is needed to bend the edge over or chip it off. Very sharp knives sharpen at about 10 degrees (which implies that the knife’s edge is a 20-degree angle). Typical knives are sharpened at 15 degrees. Knives that require a tough edge (such as those that chop) sharpen at 20 degrees or more. For an extremely durable edge (such as a chisel or drawknife), blades can be sharpened to 30 degrees. In general, but not always, the harder the material to be cut the higher the angle of the edge.

Why have your knives professionally sharpened?

All knives lose their edge over time, even if you use a sharpening steel on a regular basis. Periodic sharpening by professionals will ensure that your knives have the proper angle and will help the blades maintain their edge longer.

Where do I drop my knives off and how does it work?

It’s very simple! We come to you! We provide an efficient sharpening service with a quick turn around time to our customers because we know many people need their knives as soon as possible, especially if it’s their only set of kitchen knives!

What our customers say

You can trust us with your knives as these fine folks found out.

“Fantastic service!! Scotty rolled up to my house before the break of day to sharpen all the knives in my family ready for Xmas!! All because he wasn’t going to our local market that week! Amazing work Mr. Sharp! Posted by Denise Bonaccurso on Sunday, 3 January 2016“ Denise | Mr Sharp Customer

“We had Scotty sharpen 17 knives & 3 scissors (3 sets & the third was one was bought as an interim set till we got the proper sets sharpened) today and they are like new. It’s taken a while to find someone who actually knows what they’re doing and Scotty is the man.” John | Mr Sharp Customer

“I was very happy the lovely service I received. A lot of time was taken to explain and show me the best way to sharpen my knives. It was low in cost and well worth it. I would recommend these guys to all my friends.” Andrea | Mr Sharp Customer

“Brilliant service, sharpened and polished all my knives to the point that they seem brand new again. Even managed to fix scratches from a previous knife sharpening( different company). Will definitely be using in the future…..highly recommend.” Wayne | Mr Sharp Customer


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